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Enterprise-grade process

Technical Planning

We help determine your application workflow, technology, user acquisition strategy, budget and timeframes.

UI/UX Design

We work to craft a beautiful UI with a strong focus on readability, usability and a seamless user experience.


If you're not self-funding, we'll prepare your project for capital raising, a grant or a business loan application.


You'll get an early glimpse into the finished product, getting to use and test a working version of your app.


We'll build an intuitive and reliable piece of software using our highly systemised development approach.

Testing & QA

We'll run thorough manual and automated tests, ensuring seamless UX and smooth performance.

Product Launch

We'll help you to get the most out of your launch, by combining the right timing with a well-crafted strategy.


We'll work towards a highly optimised product post-launch, maintaining your new app and impressing new users.

Grow & Expand

We'll share the journey with you, providing ongoing advice to drive revenue and grow your business.

We guide your journey like no other

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Matthew Lodge

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As an established organisation, you’re seeking an experienced, systemised and reliable team to develop your software.

Work with a team who’s done it all, and enjoy a responsive, seamless development experience while saving time and resources in the long run.

PPM Genius

A pacemaker companion app designed to support nurses, doctors and other medical professionals in the monitoring of implantable cardiac devices.

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We understand startups. We’ve been one, and we’ve helped launch them.

When you team up with us, you’re not just hiring an app developer – we act as your business partner, guiding your startup from initial idea, right through to launch and beyond.


A bespoke personal development tool combining ancient wisdom with modern personality profiling methodologies.

Case study

Why choose Qubasoft

“Investment is significantly lower”

Over the years, we've found ways to cut down on development time while still maintaining the same high quality output, allowing us to undercut comparable studios by up to 40 per cent.

“Everything happens quickly”

A robust library of reusable components, along with a highly systemised and documented set of internal processes, allow us to deliver a higher quality product faster, and enables you to go to market more quickly.

“Boundless technical possibilities”

We've worked on several projects with custom feature sets, ranging from complex user-specific inputs to real-time aircraft tracking. If you have a truly unique vision, we're the team to help bring it to life.

“Enterprise-grade stability”

We understand the importance of the reliability and stability of your software build, so we work hard to achieve limited down-time, rapid patching and robust user support functions within your product.

“Revenue focused”

We understand the need to generate revenue from your app, so we keep this front of mind during your build. Whether utilising a Paid or Freemium model, you'll have our support in driving cash flow.

“Release was just the beginning”

We'll help you generate profitable downloads by supporting you in your marketing and branding efforts post-release, as well as exploring ways to optimise your product on an ongoing basis.

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    Small Up to five screens without User Accounts and without complex features, such as API Integrations, Push Notifications, etc.
    Medium Up to ten screens with User Accounts and medium complexity API
    Large Over fifteen screens with User Accounts, complex API Integrations, Push Notifications and other advanced features.

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    Project complexity


    There are up to five screens without User Accounts and complex features, such as API Integrations, Push Notifications, etc.


    There are up to ten screens, plus User Accounts and API Integrations.


    There are up to twenty screens with User Accounts, complex API Integrations, Push Notifications and other advanced features.